Here are some tools that may be helpful to format your books for the market. It's what I do and use.
Above and Below are links that will automatically play the Videos once you click them. These pages also include other sites to download the extra tools you would need to follow along with these videos. The instructions may not be “perfect” per se (I’m Human, I fumble along, I make mistakes, and I laugh about it), but they can definitely help you build upon what YOU would want to do and HOW you want to do it.
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Because I want to: “Be Like Google!” And I also believe that, “If you build it, they will come.” Go, Karma, Go!!
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How To Format Your Novel for Kindle
(HTML Template) Video

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How To Format Your Novel For Printers
and Smashwords (Template) Video

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Cost of Self-Publshing
At the Blog Site: Want a list of the cost of Self Publishing? This is my personal list. You can see all the nonessential things I DID not need to pay for and what I had to have..
Everything is FREE.

PLEASE make sure you
get your novel edited by “other pair of eyes” that are experienced, and have a cover that says: “Ooooo... Shiny!” or “Wanna buy!” If it’s not equivalent to one of those phrases, then make sure to acquire a cover designer. You want to have the most professional book that you can possible create because getting reviews that your writing is poor really hurts. And being included in that large statistic that “Self-Publishing Books are Cow Poo Poo,” doesn’t help change the way people see us Indies (Independent Authors).

Giving the readers something enjoyable, you’ll feel good about it too!

If you find these tools helpful, go ahead and donate to their sites. Please donate. I definitely donate for tools I use, most definitely, like Gimp and yWriter. These tools have been AMAZINGLY helpful to me.
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Steps to Self Publishing
At the Blog Site: Lists are, for me, much more easier to follow when trying to do the DIY types of things. It’s a long list, but you can see what you’ll be getting into..

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